THE EMERGENCE ... Involve Revolve Evolve

It came from another realm, another time,

piercing through
the heavens in a bolt of light.

We were all mesmerized by it,

although lightning quick,

it felt like an eternity.

And then it touched down,

with a loud noise,

the earth to its’ very core,

unleashing a swarm of vividly
colored crypto insects,

enlightening the world at a speed
never seen before;

like roots made of lights, connecting all
and everyone.

We caught the first glimpse,

we saw the genesis,

the emergence.

It is now time for us to bring these
MoScRYPTOS into your world,

mixing realities,

creating magic from digital,

to the physical,

and back again…

MoScRYPTO™ Involve Revolve Evolve

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