Calvin#1 AR app

Digital X Reality

(coming soon to the PlayStore)

MoScRYPTO is the first brand in the world to bring you digitalXreality, where the nft that inspired the design comes to life in a.r (augmented reality) and  you can interact with your home like never before!!! Lifestyle doesn’t usually rimes with Fun, now it does!!!

Meet Digital Calvin

Designed by MoScRYPTO, the Calvin digitalXreality experience brings the digital back into your physical world! This is where the NFT meets reality and where the MoScRYPTO Lifestyle Fun begins! 


Simply point your phone or tablet to any CALVIN#1 design and start interacting with him! 

Sometimes he wants to play dress up, sometimes he wants to catch the ball, or just be creative and make a symphony, sometimes he wants you to start a game a tic tac toe with your friends!


There is nothing like merging realities and bringing craftmanship into the future!!!

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