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We are Curators Designers Artists Artisans

Curators Designers Artists Artisans

MoScRYPTO is refinement,

From the delicate selection of NFT art, to trend defining products, inspired by that very digital art, made by artisan, driven by true passion. 


From the deep emotions of non-fungible ownership, with the eyes of a collector, we bring a certain uniqueness into life, all the while mixing realities, transcending and extending what objects truly mean to us.


MoScRYPTO brings art back into artisanal, from its very original sense to today and tomorrow’s.

MoScRYPTO is all this and more, it is inclusion, it is diversity, it is the matter that connects us all, it is the simple iconography that we communicate with for millennia, to tomorrow’s visions and possibilities; the complex and the pure, the mobile and the static, the virtual and the real.


We believe in uniqueness, authenticity and originality

We believe that art and artists need to be preserved

We believe in the fundamental right and the fun to create

We believe in enhancing the experience of ownership


Involving the artistic community everywhere, building a bridge between the digital and the physical world.

Revolving around heritage, craftsmanship and artists vision to bring the essence of digital masterpieces into our world.

Evolving always, becoming a multifaceted, innovative and creative brand that knows no borders.

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